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Third Angle is a cross-media marketing company based in Colorado Springs.

What started as a printing press in 1982 has now morphed into a traditional and digital marketing company.

Third Angle has grown with its client base and is completely dedicated to guiding small business owners to success with effective marketing strategies. Choosing Third Angle gives you more time to do what you love.

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  • Creating a Realistic Marketing Schedule

    Creating a Realistic Marketing Schedule

    It goes without saying that we live in a society of instant gratification. When we launch a marketing campaign, we want results at the snap of a finger. Unfortunately, this is far from reality with […]

  • Critical Pieces to Direct Mail Marketing Success

    Critical Pieces to Direct Mail Marketing Success

    When it comes to any form of marketing, it pays to have a plan.
    If you’re considering using direct mail marketing for your business, the following tips will help pave your path to success.

    If […]

  • How Color Motivates Response

    How Color Motivates Response

    Color has had an effect on the human psyche for hundreds of years. It comes as no surprise that color can impact customer’s buying decision and influence them to take specific actions.

    When you are designing […]

  • What Do Search Engines Really Do?

    What Do Search Engines Really Do?

    Search engines can seem like complicated beasts that yield unpredictable results.
    If you have ever been frustrated (or elated) with the results of your favorite search engine, rest assured you are not alone.
    With all of the […]

  • What Exactly Are Backlinks?

    What Exactly Are Backlinks?

    In the world of internet marketing, there are multiple methods to achieving better rankings on Google.
    A few of these methods include: consistent blogging, SEO optimization, and updating your website on a regular basis. When these […]

  • Do I Really Need SEO?

    Do I Really Need SEO?

    Online marketing can be frustrating.
    First, having a website is essential to boost your business. Then, you actually have to keep it updated to remain relevant to your customers. Now, on top of everything else, the […]

  • Reasons to Hire a Marketing Company (Even Though You Don’t Want To)

    Reasons to Hire a Marketing Company (Even Though You Don’t Want To)

    Do you own a business?
    Do you sell a product or offer a service?
    If so, reaching your customer base might be a little more complicated than you’d think. In an ideal world, word of mouth of […]

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